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Complete your order using this page. We will calculate the total charges including proper discount and shipping. (See sample charges to right.) Then we will send you an email showing all charges and shipping options. If there are no options then we will immediately send a Pay Now Invoice. Pay using the links in the Pay Now Invoice.

Give us a call at 215 247 4459 or go to 'Contact Us' above.

Packaging For DVDs
To reduce shipping costs we often ship DVDs in soft plastic sleeves rather than hard plastic cases. If you have a preference please indicate this when you order.
PAL Format
We do have the capability of making PAL formatted DVDs. You can request this, however, since this is a special order we must charge the full price, no discounts, for the PAL DVDs. We may need a few extra days (or more) to complete the order.

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Sample Foreign Shipping Charges as of 12/24/08
(prices may change)
All rates are USPS Priority Rates or first class- takes 6-10 days
DVD shipping prices are with minimal or no packaging to decrease cost. If you want all packaging then shipping will cost more. For large orders add $2-5 for insurance
  1 book 1-14 DVDs 2 books & Dvds
Canada/Mexico 12 6-16 27
Foreign 14 6-19 39

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Books/Book Sets
Type the number you want in the box. Discounted price given below.
The Basketball Coach's Bible, 2ed sale $24.95
The Basketball Player's Bible, 2ed sale
Both Bibles, 2ed, sale $42.95
5 book Series sale $55.45
3 Nitty-Gritty Guide Set sale $12.95
The Basketball Guides sale $5.95
Moves   PassCutCatch   Defense  

Order DVDs by Set
Type how many you want in the box.
Regular Price $24.95 each; Discount Price Given Below

Best Starter Set 5,8,9,12 . . .$79.95
DVDs 1-4 Basic Set . . . $79.95
DVDs 5-7 Shooting Set . . . $59.95
DVD 8 with any set . . .   $19.95
DVDs 9-11 Defense Set . . . $59.95
DVDs 12-14 Offense Set . . . $59.95
DVDs 1-14 Entire Set . . . $279.95

Order DVDs Individually
$24.95@ or discounted @ $19.95
Type how many you want in box. You can order sets and individual.

For orders of 3+, a 10% discount will be applied

1. Fundamentals 1 -Individual Skills
2. Fundamentals 2 - Team Skills
3. Plan 1 - How To Plan - All Drills
4. Plan 2 - Get More Out of Practice
5. Shooting 1 - Shooting Technique
6. Shooting 2 - Shooting Practice
7. Shooting 3 - Pressure Shooting
8. Dribbling - Anyone Can Dribble Well
9. Defense 1 - Defensive Movement
10. Defense 2 - Off-Ball Defense plus
11. Defense 3 - Team Defense
12. Offense 1 - Offense Basics
13. Offense 2 - TLC-Timing, Looking, & Communication
14. Offense 3 - Team Offense
Discounts on Seconds 
45% to 80% off

Seconds are books that have been bumped in shipping or scratched slightly while handling. All are totally intact (damaged books are thrown out). Usually you can't tell the difference between a first and a second. We charge USPS shipping rates + $5. Shipping to the West Coast costs more than to the East Coast since we ship from Philadelphia.
Type the number you want in box. Minimum order 12.

Seconds On Guides
Firsts are $1 more. Order firsts or additional Guides in the Comment Box below. Short Guide Titles Include:,, Defense, Scoring Moves, and PassCutCatch. Others are Out of Stock

The Basketball Player's Bible, 1st ed
5 or more $5.00 @; ~shipping-$1 per bk

The Basketball Coach's Bible, 1st ed OUT

The Basketball Player's Bible, 2nd ed
10 or more $7.00 @; ~shipping-$1 per bk

The Basketball Coach's Bible, 2nd ed
10 or more $8.00 @; ~shipping-$1 per bk

Guide 1:
type the short Guide title
12-29 $2.50 @:
30+ $2.00 @

Guide 2:
type the short Guide title
12-29 $2.50 @:
30+ $2.00 @

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$ Subtotal for products
There is a $5 handling charge for these orders.

We will email an invoice with the shipping charges included.
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